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We live in the Chattanooga area and ride at the Battlefield. It is a good day ride, there are no overnight facilities. There is a nice trailer parking area with hitching rails. A lot of Civil War history and monuments throughout the park, and a hitching post near the museum to tie your horse to take a tour. Probably the closest overnight facility is Saul to Paul.

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What is the terrain like?  Is it real hilly, or a mixture of hills and flats?  Also is it super rocky, just curious as my husband and I may try to make a ride here in the Fall.

Hi, It is a mixture of rolling hills and flats, but mainly flats. Some of it is rocky, our horses are barefoot, and I boot mine because she is more comfortable when we are on the rocky parts, my daughter's horse doesn't seem to mind. You can take a short loop, about 4 miles, or the long loop, about 7-8 miles. Along the longer loop there is a hitching rail where you can tie your horses and go in the museum. It really is a pretty and interesting ride

Thanks a lot for the information.


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