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Thinking about going to Catoosa Ridge in November.. any comments. trail suggestions will be welcome we have never been.

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We went to Catoosa in October and had a great time. Some trails are very easy and some are hilly. We had to ride on the trails that are just on the property because of hunting season.But they were good trails.
Catoosa is great (except after a rain)! A two day stay is plenty. I prefer Camp Area C & C barn as it's so convenient. Camp area A with A barn is also good but you really need more bedding in A barn. Be sure to get a map at the office when you check in as they do come in handy. I was thinking about going on Sat. Is anyone out there planning to go?
We have ridden at Catoosa twice, and LOVED IT! Nice people and nice property.
Thanks for the comments. We just returned from a three night stay at Catoosa Ridge and loved it. They have one of the best kept facilities we've seen anywhere. These folks know how to run a horse camp.The trails are well marked and vary from easy rolling hills to moderatly steep grades where a horse has to work a bit. We're planning on going back in early spring and maybe have a few of our friends join us this time.


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