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My name's Caitlyn and I'm looking for some riding buddies in the Middle TN area.  My boyfriend and I have just recently purchased a horse to add to our herd, and need some opportunities to get him out! 

If anyone knows of local trail rides coming up PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


APHA love!!



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Hey Adrienne!


If you remember, I'm Cathy Wilson's daughter, she worked with Wayne at Baptist.  I came up to the farm in Franklin a couple years ago with my black and white paint. We went on a short ride there. 

Hi guys,


I live just outside Murfreesboro and I am looking for some people to ride with. I would love to  join you!


 - Meredith


I'm in Murfreesboro and am also always looking for people to ride with. I plan to ride next Saturday. I can't leave until after 10:30 because I have to coach a soccer game in the morning, but would love to meet up with as many people as possible, wherever...

Walter Hill is pretty close, but I'm open to anywhere you would like to go. I am also free to ride on Sunday (my kids are out of town next weekend).
Hi if u want some real trail ridin u need to come right down the road to woodbury and do some climbing and have some of the best moonshine u have ever had!!!!! SKEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!


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