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Hi everyone! For those of you who are going to Buffaloe River, be sure to sign up on our website. If we get 10 people attending from the group, we will each get a $10 discount. See you there!

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Not sure if anyone noticed the blog that the Rosson's started the other day about Buffalo River Trails. They camped there this past weekend and we went on Saturday to ride. There is only one bathhouse, the other ones were washed away in the floods in early May. They have put porta potties in the lower campground, no bathhouses at all. The stalls are full of mud and muck... the trails are nonexistent, be sure to bring your GPS. The maps that they give you will only be good to start the fire at night when you get lost. The logging that has been done has messed all the trails up and the flood washed out what few were left. This used to be a great place to ride but it isn't any longer. I would suggest not wasting your money or time going there until they get the trails remade and cleaned up.
Oh my goodness. Thanks for letting me know.
Beth, We just camped at the Buffalo River over the Memorial weekend.... There is a shower house at the lower campground,it is a trailer,they move them up to the top of the hill during a flood!!! It is behind the dance hall!!! We camped up on the hill ,so our stalls weren't muddy at all. We rode for there for three days and had a great time!!! There are a few places on the trails that were washed out,but there are ways around them!!! If you are going on an organized ride the trail bosses will take you on the trails! We found our way around with the map,I'm not good at reading maps,but luckily we had someone who was!!!LOL The creeks are beautiful,all the gravel has washed out of them and left them wide and flat rock bottomed,they are so clear and scenic!!! It is still a great place to ride,I love the BRTR!!! The trails may be a little more challenging,but well worth it!!! Have fun no matter where you choose to go and be safe!!!
ABSOLUTELY! I agree with Audrey. Rode 2 days there on Memorial Weekend, just me and a friend, and we had NO problem following the trails. They are, as mentioned, washed in spots and have debri and trees down, but we always found a good way around and they are still beautiful! Keep your maps with you, because, if nothing else, at some point, you will get to a spot where you can figure out where you are and where you want or need to go.
So, go, enjoy Buffalo River and all it has to offer.
Which one of us could read the map? The one's that could not see it!!!!!!!!!!!! That God for reading glasses. All of us had a wonderful time, can't wait to ride together again.
A lot of that should be expected after the recent flood. The Buffalo was higher than I have ever seen it. They said it crested way higher than ever before. It will naturally take a while to get things back like they were. I've never been there, although I live less than an hour away, but I plan to go soon. I hope people don't let this keep them from going there, we need all the trails we can get.
Thanks for all of your replies. I just got back from Bucksnort and the trails there were in pretty bad shape too. My main concern was the bath house thing 'cause I'm staying in the lower camp (never been before) and will be in a stock trailer. Anyway, my friends I'm going with have been going there for 23 years. She said she was going to call a few people and see what kiind of shape they expect it to be in by the time of the ride. I will probably still go. If anyone has a Weekender just sitting around that needs to be used, let me know! Ha! Appreciate your comments. Later,
I am sure glad to hear the updates too. I'll be there and camping on the bottom (campsite #24) :) I haven't been in 3 years and am ready for the week. Especially can't wait for the river ride! Stop by and say hello if you are there! :)
Wow! You're on the very end. I'm at the opposite end in 215. I'll stop by and meet you! Thanks.


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