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Has anyone rode at Buffalo Trail Ride before in Waynesboro Tn? We are making plans to ride there this year and before making a 10 hr trip wanted to get some feed back. Our decision was to go to Buffalo Trail Ride or Bucksnort. If you've attended both, which was your favorite?

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I live about 40 miles from there but have never ridden there. I have heard some good things about it though. If you go to the forum, gaitedhorsesenseonline.com and click on Trails to Adventure and go to page 6, a lady has posted some beautiful pictures on there. I hope to ride there sometime soon.
We ride there quite often. It has a nice campground along the buffalo river. Electricity, but no water hook-ups. There is a nice bathhouse on the upperside. The lower ones get flooded through the winter but they try to keep them funtional. The trails are beautiful. Some are a little rough, but others are nice logging roads also. Plenty of trails, enough to ride for a week. Good food on the organized rides. I live only about 20 minutes away, so the trip isn't a factor for me.
Happy trails!
I've never ridden the BRTR but I've been up there and I do their website. It's really nice and I've always wanted to ride it. I just revamped their website if anyone wants to see the latest and newest pictures. http://buffalorivertrailride.com
it is a nice place to ride if you get with the right group.. I took my daughter when she was younger on a benefit ride that they said was an easy going ride... YEAH RIGHT... up and down STEEP HILLS, walking along LEDGES... was NOT the right place for me..
my vote is for Buffalo, like the riding better and floating the river one afternoon is always fun.
I was at Buffalo river a couple of years ago. It is a nice place to ride. Trails were not marked that great. There was several places on the map that we would have liked to seen but never found. They do have guides that take out rides so that might be the best bet. Other thing I didn't like was after leaving the main road, it was several miles back a gravel road to the camp. Road was wide but dusty. Other thing was there was a lot of tree clear cutting on the tops of the hills which causes confusion with the trail markers and was hot during the summer. River is great for tubing
Yes, Buffalo River is beautiful and with nice facilities. Bucksnort is wonderful too. Also, check out Birdsong. :o)
I go riding there every year.
I love riding there. Some of the trails are kinda rough but that is what I love to ride on.
we always camp along the river, which is nice during the afternoon.
the only thing I don't like about Buffalo River is they are cutting down their trees on one side of the forest and if you ride on that side, you'll be in the sun all day.
but other than that, it is a great place to ride and you'll enjoy it.
especially riding in the river. =]


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