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I'm looking for some information on the Buffalo River Trail Ride June Ride.

My husband and I are planning on going this year and wanted some feed back. How are the trails, food, camping and activity's?  Guess I'm looking for the pros and cons about the ride.


Happy  Trails Cindy

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Hi I have been going to Buffalo for about 18 years. I haven't been in a few years but I plan on attending the June ride this year. The trails are good however there were some spots close to the camp that were lacking shade. This got better as you made your way out farther. I always love the food. They have a live band every night of the ride and, canoeing in the river just a few miles up the road. The road headed to the camp has one tricky spot (or it did, remember it's been several years for me) So Drive Carefully!   The camp only has two conditions dusty or muddy. The camp sites have plenty of room for even big campers/trailers/buses, and most of the camp sites are shaded. Now please consider that it has been several years for me so what I've told you may no longer be 100% accurate. I've wanted to go just haven't had the time. I'm really looking forward to it. I always have a great time.

HI Nathan & Laura,

Thanks for the information. We really looking forward to our trip in June. DO you have a site yet? Ours is 115 stop by and say hello.

Happt Trails Cindy

  Its been a couple of years since I was at Buffalo but the last time things had changed quite a bit.  There has been alot of timber cut and this means more riding in the sun.  A couple of the longer rides from camp have been cut out because of the timber cutting.  I believe some of the land that we once rode is no longer available so those trails have been eliminated.  The food was always pretty good and the band every night was good.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the information. We are going to give them a try. Looking forward to checking the area out and meeting new people.


Happy Trails Cindy

  Cindy, we have been going to buffalo far over 30 years. we love the trails and the people and the food and the band. So we hope to see you and your hsband on the june ride. we are camped in site 294 so stop by and see us. there web site is www.brtr.com

Hi Michael & Kelli,

Thanks for the information. We are in site 115 stall G 181 & 182 I'm hoping this is a good spot. Do you know if it is? We are really looking forward to our trip. I will be sure to stop by and you should do the same.

Happy Trails Cindy


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