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I'm riding an older appy gelding at a friend's house. She has had him a month and he is already very attached to her mare. If she gets out of his sight he screams and hollers!! A similar thing went on with a 3yr old gelding I had there. It got to were I couldn't do much with him because of the mare.  I have had other horses that were pastured with geldings only or mares and geldings and had no problem with them getting sour.  Is it because its just the two of them or is it a mare thing? Anyone have any ideas about how to stop this behavior? We can put them in separate pastures but hate for them to be alone.

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I had the same problem with my gelding and mare when I moved them to my house from a boarding facility. They were still pastured together there, but had other horses in with them. I took them to a friends house who kept them in separate pastures for about 3 weeks, then brought them home and on my days off I would take turns taking them out of the pasture and up the road out of sight of the other one for a while. Then, when it warmed up and I started riding again, I have taken my gelding out without my mare several times and he has been fine. I would take him out of the pasture from her, if he gets to hollering, run him in circles until he stops, then let him rest. Or you could just put him in the trailer and take him somewhere else to ride until he gets used to being away from her. Good luck...some of this may help, or it may not...you just have to keep trying stuff until you see what does work. You may have to keep them separate sometimes, like a day or two at a time, to get him to see life does go on without her.
This horse obviously looks to the other horse for security and guidence and feels safe with her. You need to start by working this horse where you can, which may be in a corral right next to the mare. Give the gelding something to do and get him listening and taking guidence from you. Then gradually begin working your gelding farther and farther away until you can ride off without incident. This may take a couple of weeks if you work on it about an hour a day. Maybe longer. Just pretend you don't hear the hollering after each other except to gauge his level of anxiousness. When you trail ride with other people, and you know where you are, try going around a tree off the trail or holding back a bit to push the gelding's ability to depend on you and not be traumatized by being apart from the other horses.
Yah grimmwood's got the right idea there, if ya want the video demo kind of instruction Marv Walker has some home made training video he sells for reasonable $ that covers it purty good. marvwalker.com
He's got his own style but it's really not far from what Clint anderson does.


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