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A friend of mine's horse has a bone spur under one of her eyes, so when she is ridden, the bridle will rub that spot until it bleeds. There is almost always a nasty scab over it. It isn't anyone's fault; just bad placement for the cheek piece.
Right now, we have rigged up those fluffy halter covers over the leather, but they slip down and don't work really well. I have been trying to think up ways that we could either buy or make a bridle that doesn't go close to her eye.
I found a "riding halter" which might work, but I think that the mare might still need a bit for control:

I assume that a vet could file the spur, but I am not sure, because it is so close to the eye. It would be a big deal even if it is possible.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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try a one ear bridle or a halter bridle with the sheep skin on the halter part
how about inserting a ring to span the spot. If I was doing it I'd look it over and make a custom bridle.
tape fluffy halter covers to the leather in place
lol thanks Bob.. The fluffies just aren't cutting it anymore :( I am afraid that we will have to go with something custom made, I just can't think of a way that the leverage and pressure on the bit would be right *sigh*

We'll probably end up having to get one of those rope halter things.
You may need a longer browband. This will allow the bridle to set futher back on her head and not be so close to her eyes. I bought a bridle that I really liked and the browband measured 14 inches was thinking about taking it back when I changed it to a 16 inch browband it worked just fine.
I use a halter bridle or trail halter on my gelding. You can attach a bit to mine, it has short (but adjustable) straps that attach to your bit and snap on to rings on the sides of the halter. I bought mine at Bedford Tack but you can get them various places. If nothing else works then you could try that.


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