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Hi folks, I found a place on Simpson road in Bradyville. I am looking for input on the area. How is the terrain, hilly or flat? Horse friendly? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Bradyville is pretty hilly in places. Also tends to be rocky and lots of rattlesnakes in that area.

On the plus side, land is still affordable in that area. Lots of horses.
No walking out to the barn in flip flops then! LOl! Thanks for your input.
If I were looking in this area, I'd look towards Milton or Bell Buckle. Cannon County is a little rough. Just my opinion.
Thanks Derrick to live near Short Mountain would be a blessing I have ridden it a few times. I wanted to have a senic property , hilly.
My sister lives in Cannon county and adores it.
What about machinist work, any tips on jobs?

Heres the link to the property
hey Derrick,where is robionson ridge?I live off Bradyville by Mt Herman and am always looking for a place to ride
yes it is ,about 4 miles from Rutherford Bld.never heard of mr Ed or the saw mill
ok,thank you,how are the trails?
I have a friend named donna and she is on this site and maybe stop in and give you her input, But I looked at houses in this area and it is more flat in Bradyville and I've never heard anyone complain about rattle snakes. My friend Donna lives in Woodbury on a hilly rocky piece of property.. her horses do fine but since it is all woods she had to feed them daily.. but I don't think she has ever seen a rattle snake and has kept goat and horses on her property with no problems. She also says keeping chickens keep the ticks and snakes at bay. she has lots of chickens. :0)


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