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Well folks what do yall think of our newest addition? This little guy was born sometime early this morning. We just love the markings, and of course those bright blue eyes. He is out of my boy Bandit and our mountain horse mare. Now the hard part, we gotta come up with a great name.

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Congrats!  He is sooooo cute and Susy looks like a very good mother.

What a doll!!! I just want to hug and squeeze him...Bandit's Mountain Shamrock and call him Rock...

Now that is a great name, I am really liking that name, thank you. I have already wrote it on his papers. Thank you to you both for the nice words.

Wow, what an honor..I get to name your baby! I love creative thinking for names...so fun! Thank you...maybe I get see him sometime.

He is sooo Pretty! I had a filly born on St. Patricks day also. 

She sure is aretty, Wow I love the look of the moma to. Congrats

Thank you :)

I think you should call him Shammy,,,,,,,,lol.


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