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Hi all   I am looking into renting a cabin at BSF.   I found one that says "Spruce Creek Trail next to cabin leads into the BSF trail system - no need to trailer".     Any of you who have been there  have an opinion about this?

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I have a nice two bedroom cabin, close to Cumberland Valley trailhead. $85 a night. Sleeps 6 easy, bath withwasher and dryer, full kitchen, including dishwasher, and microwave. Overlooks a 3 acre lake.

Very nice Ed - I already made reservations but will keep this in mind for our next visit! Do you have horse facilities on the property?
hi ed,
could you send me info on this cabin we really like spruce creek but some times they are full and it would be nice to rent a cabin close to the cumberland trail head where is your cabin located and do you have stalls for the horses and if so how many and is that included in the rental price of 85.00 and how do we make reservations if we wanted to rent your property and could you email these pictures and the info to my email so i can send it to my friend. cavilertwh@charter.net
thanks vicky


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