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The flies and mesquitos here are terrible and my current spray doesn't seem to even phase them.  Anyone know of a good product that actually works?

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Here is what I do. Go to a health food store, buy a couple bottles of patchouli essential oil, go to a pharmacy and buy a big bottle of lite mineral oil, mix the two and put in a sprayer. It will not hurt your horse, your tack etc. It will keep flies/ ticks/ chiggers and fleas away. You can put it on you, your horse, your dogs, your kids, and do it safely. You can buy patchouli oil online way cheaper and of course the stronger you make it the better it works, but a little goes a long way.
It's a scent that was popular in the 60s and 70s in head shops. And people either love it or hate it. I love it. You can put it on your legs or pants and shoes when you are in the garden... no chiggers. it's great stuff.
I really like the Pirahna aerosol spray. It seems to work well, but I am interested in the patchouli/mineral oil mixture and would also like to know the ratio of the mix.
Actually, I re-read Sues message and it tells the mix... kind of... 2 bottles of patchouli to a big bottle of lite mineral oil. What size are the bottles of each?
Also says it is good for fungal infection - which would mean Rain Rot!

Sue - Exactly how much patchouli oil to mineral oil do you use?
since the biggest bottle of Patchouli oil that I can find is about 1/2 ounce, I would add 2 of those to a pint of mineral oil, you can thin this out some with water but I doubt it will work as well.
Also just yesterday someone told me that Gold Bond Medicated powder will keep ticks and all that off. I don't know if they meant flies tho too
I have had good luck with Endure. It's waterproof and won't sweat off.
The spot stuff is pretty good. Actually I think it works best on ticks. Problem is it's pricey and lasts for only 2 weeks. I've just been to Farm Center and bought something you mix up. I needed something to spray stalls as well as horses. I've had a fly mask on one mare, but she's lost it!
If you start in the winter mixing apple cider vinegar in there water or on the feed this will help with flies...it takes a bit to get in their system.

The only fly spray I used this weekend that worked was yours. Go figure?
That is the first time I have used that product, I believe it was call Tri-Tech and it did work well. It was expensive so I will probably save it for when we go on trail rides.
We had a great time Saturday and I love Jane's new saddle.
Tri-Tec and Endure are the same active ingredient ci-permethrin, Endure is oil based, Tri-tec is water based. I have not found that ingredient in any other product. I think that many bugs had started developing a resistance to the chemicals that have been used for years, so that most don't phase them anymore. You can get an Endure role on that is water/sweat resistant and easy to carry in your saddle bag.

I have had good luck with the spot on treatments for tics and Mosquitos, but it does little for flys. So my guys are wearing fly masks.

Bugs are a never ending battle!!!!!!!


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