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  I read a paper on the bulletin board at the store the other day advertising a benefit ride for Keith Schrimsher. It is to be held at 1843 Vales Mill Rd. Pulaski TN 38478 at 11:00 am on the 17th of September. $10 a person includes meal and a ride. Keith has had Hip surgery and they are having this ride to make up some money to help him out until he can get back to work. I don't know the fellow but if you haven't got anywhere to ride next Saturday, you can help out a man and ride somewhere new as well. I took a picture of the flyer if you need any directions holler at me and I will get them to you.

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at the risk of sounding more directionally challenged than I am . . I'll be coming from Athens area, up I65, will go W on Hwy 64 and then I kind of lose it.  Not sure where the Wal-mart is. 

From what I see on Streets & Trips I'll go over 7/31 - 64 intersection, past 11/Minor Hill Hwy, and then . . left on Vales Mill road?  Or will I go W on the 64/15 hwy and then S(L) onto Vales Mill Road?

Sorry to be so needy w/directions, I don't get up in that area often enough to know my way around!


And you haven't dissuaded me from trying to get there for the benefit, it's all good imo!  I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't posted it!

Casey I'll try to help you out-from I-65 on Hwy 64 stay on the 64 bypass,you'll cross Hwy 31 then Hwy 166 then Hwy 11-come on over the hill then take the first right ( Chicken Creek-Vales Mill Rd)

then take the next left onto Vales Mill  and the trail ride will be on the left about a mile or so. Hope to see you there.

Awesome!  Thank you so much, I intend to be there unless something happens.
I, too, am directionally challenged, and I am coming from the opposite direction.  I will be coming from the Lewisburg/Chapel Hill area. 
Debra,if you come to Pulaski on HWY 31A,take a left at the first light,this will be 1st St.Keep to the left when the road splits at McKays Firestone. 1st St will become Hwy 31S, keep going south till you come to Hwy 64 bypass then take a right,you'll cross Hwy 166 then Hwy 11,come on over the hill then take the first right onto (Chicken Creek-Vales Mill Rd) then take the next left onto Vales Mill Rd. trailride is about a mile or so on the left.


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