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  I read a paper on the bulletin board at the store the other day advertising a benefit ride for Keith Schrimsher. It is to be held at 1843 Vales Mill Rd. Pulaski TN 38478 at 11:00 am on the 17th of September. $10 a person includes meal and a ride. Keith has had Hip surgery and they are having this ride to make up some money to help him out until he can get back to work. I don't know the fellow but if you haven't got anywhere to ride next Saturday, you can help out a man and ride somewhere new as well. I took a picture of the flyer if you need any directions holler at me and I will get them to you.

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be careful on this ride. they have something called *THE SLIDE*, AND you slide down on your horses butt.. NOT something I would do
I don't recall you ever riding at the barn?  We ride there all the time and have for 8 yrs and this is only the 2nd benefit ride that had been held there.  I can assure EVERYONE there is NOTHING called "THE SLIDE" and nothing on this ride that is dangerous and if you are unconfortable with anything, there is ALWAYS  a way around it.  Happy Trails :)

I did not say that I have ridden this ride.. But someone at the vets office told me that this was where they had been taken down a very steep hill called THE SLIDE.. if I was told wrong then that is my bad..everyone go at your discretion.. and as for you KNOW THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE.. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO KNOW WHO OR WHO HAS NOT RIDDEN IT.. DO YOU KNOW EVERYONE? DUH... DIDNT THINK SO...


This is private property and yes ma'am, i do know everyone who has ridden it.  I wasn't meaning it in a derogatory way, just that i knew you haven't been there and no, there is no such thing as "the slide" on this trail ride.  this money is being raised for a good cause and we don't need anyone not coming because of false information.

Ok just want to straightn this out , this is at MY place and theres NO slide on the ride and i wouldnt ask anyone to ride any way that they felt uncomftorble about it , we are trying to have fun and raise money for a good cause and would like to have a good crowed, trail riding is suppose to be fun and enjoyable for everyone , gale your coment sounded negative to me but it may not have been and if it wasnt meant to be then i appoligize for taking it that way and your welcome to come ride with us saturday and see for yourself that its a good place to ride , hope we have a good turnout and pretty weather , thanks


Gale ,no slide on this ride,I've been riding this property for 20 years.Don't know who you got your information from but they were wrong.Come out and ride Saturday and you'll see that it is a nice place to ride, and for a good cause.

Could someone provide directions please?  As well as those that are familiar with the area, will it be open (sunny) or shady or mixture areas that we'd be riding in?  For those of us that are occasionally directionally challenged will there be markers along the way?  *G*G*
Yes, directions would be great.  Is there plenty of water on the trails, shady, etc?
Not a lot of water on this trail but it is almost all in the shade.  Should be nice with the temps we are having :)  And if it is like the last ride, there is a shorter loop for those who want to come back to eat sooner and then there is an extra loop for those who want to ride longer. .
I am looking forward to it.  Me and my husband will be there.

 I surely did not mean to stir up a stink just wanted to advertise a benefit for a fellow trail rider. Here are the directions that are posted on the sign at our store:

 From Pulaski, take the Hwy 64 bypass ( intersection at walmart ) turn left, Go to first road on the left (Vales Mill Rd) turn left, then go to the first road on the left again and turn left again, Then follow signs.

 From Lawrenceburg, Come east on Hwy 64 to first red light, turn right onto Hwy 64 bypass, then take the first left then the first left again and watch for signs.

 I hope me advertising this has not in any way harmed the outcome of this benefit, just thought I could help out by putting it on here. Everyone come see for yourself, have a great time riding horses and get your belly full. See Yall There.

You have been a great help thanks! You have done nothing wrong. thanks again!


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