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I would like to know how many of y'all ride your horses barefoot and why.

As many of you know I have been a farrier for 28 years and chose to let my anvil start rusting back in 1994, and since then have devoted my professional life to educating horse owners about the myths and truths of barefoot.

I would also like to invite EVERYONE to attend my annual spring trail ride on March 21st. at Percy Warner Park. (I will post more info on the events page soon.) The last ride we had 32 barefoot horses, lets make it more this year!

Please share!
Jim Apple

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I have a question for you.

I had shoes on my TWH since I got him since he came with front shoes. How do I start him out going barefoot if I choose to not shoe him anymore? is there a period where I should not ride him and let him get used to no shoes?

I am just worried about him getting bruises and making him sore.Most of our boarding facility has gras, wooded area and some small pea gravel.

Thanks in advance for any info 



How does one start a horse barefoot that has been shod?


First and formost I would expexct the person to have educated themselves about the subject, I find that succsess or faliure lies in this.........way more than you might expect.


Will a barefoot horse get bruises and be sore?


I have found that horses that are chronicly shod have more bruising than barfoot horses that are trimmed properly. ( Notice I said trimmed properly )


I have also noted that the "approved thoughts of the group/click" can be of great help if the boarding facilty is pro barefoot AND they are dedicated to whats best for their horses.

If everyone shoes, well.............. thats always a tough one.


Will my horse be tender for a while?

Use hoofboots, its just that simple. I like the Rengades over all other boots out there, for so many reasons. They are the best in so many ways.


Trim every 4 weeks


Find a farrier who only does barefoot, read alot, get some boots, ride, read some more......


Bottom line

Do whats right for your horse and you, and move ahead.


Jim Apple





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