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I would like to know how many of y'all ride your horses barefoot and why.

As many of you know I have been a farrier for 28 years and chose to let my anvil start rusting back in 1994, and since then have devoted my professional life to educating horse owners about the myths and truths of barefoot.

I would also like to invite EVERYONE to attend my annual spring trail ride on March 21st. at Percy Warner Park. (I will post more info on the events page soon.) The last ride we had 32 barefoot horses, lets make it more this year!

Please share!
Jim Apple

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Hi Jim
I plan on being at your ride , see you there,
I have been thinking about not shoeing my horses anymore so this is good to know I am on the right path. Let me know why you think this is the way to go. I worry about the rocky trails hurting the feet. I know my one horse has very strong feet but don't know my other horse well enough to know yet. Please stay in touch let me know what you think. Thanks .............Tazz

I will tell you how I see it....

I belive most horses are capable of performing their daily chores barefoot. There are however a very small percentige of horses that for whatever reason need some protection on the bottom of their feet. Having said that and knowing what I now know, I do not belive the horseshoe nailed on is the way to protect the foot. And in those extreme cases where the feet are so bad shoes just make a bad thing worse in my opinion.

If the other horse is sore we could troble shoot the problem, no mater how bad they are I can pull the shoes and boot them and the will get more protection than being shod.

check out my website www.barefootfarrier.com

Jim Apple
Does anyone know a good blacksmith or barefoot blacksmith in Manchester Tennessee area?
New to the area, need to find a good kind and patient blacksmith.

email me at barefootfarrier@gmail.com

are you from the UK?

Jim Apple

Here is a link to a video of a horse being conditioned for endurance riding on rocks that make ours look like a playground! Totally makes your point. And I'm inviting anyone that has doubts to come to Barefoot In The Park to see for yourself.
Hey Jim, Is the barefoot ride on March 21st or 28th?
march 28 meet up at 11am and leave around noon, go to the events page for more info
I haven't had shoes on one horse for 12 years, the other hasn't had shoes for 7 years. My ferrier cribbled my hose with improper shoes, sized too small, nail up into the quick, took two years and 2,500 dollars to get back on the trail. Only had one stone bruise since then but it was to the frog, we were riding on trail filled with broken bricks at Love Valley, terrible trail, several miles back the way we had come from, I tried to walk outside the trail but in some places there was no room to go around, shoes or no shoes, that would have happened due to the extreme nature of the trail.
how long does it take to convert shod horses over to barefoot horses? what are the real advantages for the horse of going barefoot?
Q. How long does it take to go from shod to barefoot?

A. Well........ its sort of like asking a chef how long it takes to cook a meal.

If the owner is educated/knowledgeable and has a true desire to improve the horses health and lifestyle, horses improve at a accelerated rate.

A. food
B. terrain and exercise
C. trim style

A. is the most important in my opinion, B & C follow in order. But remove just one and you are not going to have the same results as someone who does all three.

Think of it like this, If you went to the doctor to remove a cast from your broken leg and the doctor told you that it would be months of rehab before you were back to normal, whould anyone tell the doctor "just put the cast back on to protect my leg?"

I wouldn't.......... yet people do it every day with their horses, why is that?

Jim Apple


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