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We rode at Bakers Creek in Greenback Tn. I would recommend this trail to all especially New trail riders or young riders. It is TVA property there about thirty miles of trails. It is surrounded by water on three sides There are different trails with scenery choices. You can ride shaded trails or there are trails that run beside the lake or There are lots of open fields if you really want to step on your horses gas pedal.My 12yr. old daughter took her first trail ride here saturday. I am glad we chose to ride here because it was an easy terrain so she could get past being nervous. After about a half hour she started talking about wanting to come back again. We rode about four hours never crossing the same trail twice

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It's one of our favorites too.  I'm glad you had fun!

Where is Greenback, TN (what town is it close to)?  Is there any info. online about this place?

Thanks for any info, sounds interesting and a place I may have to go ride.

It's about 20 miles southwest of Knoxville. Horsetraildirectory.com is where I found out about it.


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