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Rusty at 10 weeks. He is 6 months old.
He is a beauty!! Keep us updated...they change so quickly.
Here is my Aussie, Abby, she is 13 now and is always by my side.
She IS a pretty girl :) They really are great friends. My girl "Britches" is 7 mos. and I'm looking forward to a lot of good years with her! Thanks for sharing Linda...
This is Poco :)
Thanks for sharing...Poco really has a sweet face! Aussies are great dogs aren't they...
Thanks! Poco is awesome dog, as I am sure that every Aussie owner feels the same way. They are all so unique...and not a one looks the same. AWESOME AUSSIE'S :)
Here are some pictures of our Aussie, Hondo. He is a great dog and very smart.
We have 5 dogs. Two are Aussies. Jackie is the couch potato and Babe is the blue merle with the blue eyes. Great dogs with high energy.
Thanks so much, Denise, for sharing the great photos! High energy is an understatement! I know I have a handle full with my girl "Britches"...but they sure make life fun, don't they :)
Hi Sara! Thank you for sharing the pictures of Hondo:) Beautiful boy...no two are alike!
Here is a picture of our girl Jesse Pearl. She is 3 now but I figured folks would like this picture best.


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