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I am not new to riding but have only been on one small trail ride.  I would love to go on a trail ride but none of my close friends ride.

If anyone could pick me and my spotted saddle horse up in the west knox area and then let me go on the trail ride with them.... I would be so grateful.

I'd pack lunch for us, pay for gas, etc.

Let me know!


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I wish I could help! We are always looking for someone to ride with, but we're too far away from you. Have you thought about posting something at a local Tractor Supply? They have all kinds of stuff on their board. (At ours it's next to the restrooms.) You can find everything from farriers to boarding and training. It wouldn't hurt to try. And they're horse people....you shouldn't worry about any crackpots reading the adds! You might also ask your vet to put you in touch with some people. Sometimes you just don't know where to look...Hope this helps!
You may want to try putting an ad on golsn.com (our local sales network) under farm and livestock. I did that looking for riding buddies when I first moved here and met some wonderful women I still ride and camp with. Make sure you give your location, what type of riding you like to do and when you are available to ride with any other additional important details. Too bad you are not closer to us. Good luck in your search.
Leann- where do you live?


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