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I have several horses, like 7 big ones, 5 minis and 3 donkeys that are going to have to be treated for rain rot. My big horses have it really bad. I did some research and found several things but wanted your opinion on what you used that worked. Since I have so many that have to be treated I need something economical. I found that some people used listerine, watered down bleach, and one that I thought was pretty interesting, it said use Apple Cider Vinegar. Said it got rid of it in 4 days??? Has anyone tried this?

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I use full strength bleach. Pull off the scab and saturate a cotton ball and dab it on. They don't mind it and it gets rid of it quick, like in a week. I also make sure that they are brushed out because they say the compacted dirt on the skin is what starts the fungus.
The best thing I have found to work on rain rot is "fung away" Here is a link to the product: http://www.horsemansdream.com/products/fungaway.html

you can find it for sure at TSC


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