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I have several horses, like 7 big ones, 5 minis and 3 donkeys that are going to have to be treated for rain rot. My big horses have it really bad. I did some research and found several things but wanted your opinion on what you used that worked. Since I have so many that have to be treated I need something economical. I found that some people used listerine, watered down bleach, and one that I thought was pretty interesting, it said use Apple Cider Vinegar. Said it got rid of it in 4 days??? Has anyone tried this?

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Vickie I have 6 horses and 2 of them had rain rot really bad and a couple of others were starting to get it. I brushed them out real well and put the generic brand of listerine in a spray bottle and wet them down good. it took a couple of days on the horses that had just begun to get the rain rot and about a week and a half on the 2 horses that had it bad. So I know that listerine is an tiseptic and it does work. Hope this helps. Dan
I have just had a long talk with my vet about rain rot. DO NOT use LA-200 on a horse. It is of the tetracycline family and can have "toxic" effects on them. Advere reactions and definitely don't give IM, can cause muscular problems. When vets use tetracycline on a horse they have to take special care. As rain rot is a fungus you have to use something that is anti-fungal - MTG, Lime Sulphur, Captan, Iodine shampoo. He grinned about the "listerine" as that is antiseptic not anti-fungal. Also the sorbital in it could just feed the fungus. Also the Captan is supposed to be mixed with water and applied not put on in the powder form.
never heard of that one. so she didn't bathe them in anything?
I was told by a farrier to use apple cider vinegar on the bottoms of my horses hooves to prevent thrush (they've never had it, just used it during wet weather to prevent it). It stands to reason that if it is an anti-fungal it probably is anti-microbial also (Thrush is a fungus infection, rain rot is a bacterial infection). I just used MTG on my two horses (I already had it, so thought I would try that first). I put it on the rain rot, let it set a few days, then Wednesday, when it was warm, I gave both of thema good bath with a combo of fungus shampoo, betadine shampoo, and regular shampoo. I lathered them up well and worked over the rain rot areas with a fairly stiff brush to work it loose and brush it out of the hair. I have checked the places that had the rain rot daily since then, and so far, it hasn't returned. My husband also went to TSC and bought a product by Mane & Tale that is a spray on for wounds, rain rot, girth itch, etc. Haven't used it yet for the rain rot and I don't know how much it cost, but that is something else you could look at in your search for treatments. Good luck. All this wet weather has caused a rain rot epidemic! Little Rock only had it on his left side. It ran down his neck and back (on the left side of his spine) and on his left hip...strange. I have heard about the Listerine, also, but have never used it.
well with so many horses with it that i have, and between today and tomorrow is gonna be the warmest days and next week the temps drop. so i worry about having to give them a bath next week. so i'm gonna do it tomorrow but was trying to figure out what to use.
I was given a great recipe last year. My husband used it and it was gone. It was a one day treatment. You mix 2 parts Nu-Stock cream (great for everything) and 1 part Captan fungucide (powder). Make a cream, then spread it over affected area with gloves. Do not wash off. You will see a difference and hair will regrow fast. No bath neccessary. Even works during rainy days. You can then use regular shampoo in a day or two. Depending on weather. Both of these are available at most co-ops or send me info and I will tell you where to find it.
i have heard of the listerine that it does great
Iccthammol works well also. Just don't get it on your clothes, it stains.
I use the Captan. I bought a big metal cheese shaker at the dollar store, loaded it with Captan and just shook it all over my mare. I left it alone for two days and then repeated. Rain rot was GONE! I tried everything on this mare for 5 weeks and nothing worked but the Captan. She had RR from the tip of her ears to the hoof on her back leg....she was COVERED in it when she shipped here from KY. I swear by the Captan. It's fast and effective.
Where do you get Captan at? I went and washed my horses thoroughly yesterday with Antibacterial dish soap mixed with iodine left it on for a few minutes then rinsed them off. I also sprayed them with listerine mixed with iodine and by the time I fed them, they was dry and the stuff was just coming off. Gonna treat them again today with the Apple Cider Vinegar to maybe get the rest off. I figured I would just mix everything together and try it all. And since my vet and a couple of other people recommended iodine baths i just mixed it in. Iccthammol?? I've used that for cuts and stuff but did not know it worked on rain rot? ok, i feel kinda stupid to ask this but what is a metal cheese shaker????
Vickie - LOL !! I just asked my husband what the heck a big metal cheese shaker was!!! Your not the only one saying "What???"

I found the listerine felt sticky. Only put it on saddle pad and decided to not put on the horses. Now wishing it wasn't on my pad. The Captan sounds like a powder version of the Lime Sulphur. That will be good when not bathing.

Has anyone else used the shot of LA-200????
We used the cheap version and it's not sticky on mine at all. This time I did mix it with iodine though. but the last time that I remembered using it, i just used plain ol' cheap listerine. I don't know of anyone that used that shot but I may consider trying it next time, especially considering all this rain that's coming in.


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