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I was just wondering if I was the only one crazy enough to still be raising colts? The economy is terrible, the horse market is at the bottom and we still have 3 coming, intelligence huh? I am just being curious what kind of colts everyone has coming, we have 1 spotted walking colt, 1 rocky mountain colt, and 1 spotted saddle horse colt coming. What ya'll got?

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No colts for us. I have a nice mare I would like to breed but will hold off. We have enough of our own, and the way colts are (not) being sold right now, I will wait . Way too many cheap young ones out there now.
We have 3 mares and a stallion and we are not breeding anyone! We had planned to breed 2 of the mares this year but.....no way now, shame as they are all foundation AQHA, ride, and have good minds. Maybe in 2010!
Had a mule born last month. Our 1st mule. We're seeing SOMETHING that looks maybe like a gait out of him, not sure yet. Mare is a reg. TWH. We also have another mare that is due with another mule any day now. We're excited.

Getting his belly scratched.......

I wanted to breed our mare to a jack, but saturdays sale changed my mind. They had 5 mules there. The youngest was a 17 month old, 14.2 hh, gaited pretty mule, sold for $75!! The oldest was a 6 year old QH mule, just under 14hh, broke, broke, broke, sold for $250. The rest were in between. When we get room, I will breed her to a jack to keep the mule.
Mayfield KY, every 1st Saturday. Tack starts at 4, horses usually at 7. They had some nice gaited horses, broke, selling about $400. Westen pleasure mare, very pretty, good for local shows, sold for $650. She was nice too. She did have a cut on her hock. Don't think it would be a problem though.
I only raised one this year. trying to prove my big E gene, black QH. She is red dun. Nice job Justice Liberated.
My friends have two on the way, but not by choice. They bought two mares last July and only found out two weeks ago both are having foals anytime now. These are their first babies and they are really excited. One they found out is breed to a really great stallion, still researching to find out about the other. They will probably keep both.
Blessings, Linda
No! We have 3 yearlings to start later this year and 5 weanlings for next year. I've been able to sell some nice riding/show horses (TWH) but they must be broke-broke-broke. I don't have time for any more. You can buy exactly what you want in a colt for much less than it costs to raise one!
Yes- Just I am. I have "A Strong Dollar" Filly out of a "Prides Choice Cut Mare". Took us 3 years to get our Filly Here and we are just thrilled with her. My mare is older and kept losing the colt :( My advice- I only breed a horse we want to keep and only breed for the best bloodlines and top horses! Even though the economy is bad and horses are free, this is a keeper and will always be a horse folk would want to pay for!! Check out the Sire at WWW.attherisingstar.com go to stallions and then see A strong Dollar--- Now he is a hoss!
I have a foal due in October, mom is SSH, TWH, Racking horse registered. Sire is TWH, she always throws color..
Amous finally made it here, that mare carried him for 12 months and 10 days..... we were getting worried. He is sweet and gentle, line back. He also has a mean side kick LOL. My fingers are still kind of blue LOL. We're really enjoying our babies this year.


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