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Anyone know of any trail rides? If so please let me know...

Hey everyone, if any of you know of any trail rides coming up could you please let me know? If you know its gonna be a rough ride please let me know that too..Thanks so much in advance...

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That sounds interesting. Can you give me some details? Where is the ride located?

Thanks a bunch!

Cowgirl Blue/aka jcarroll
can you tell me any more about the Waylon Seagraves ride? where its located.. times? any ifo would be greatly appreciated... HI jcarrol.... very nice to meet you.. I found out about a trail ride coming in April that I didnt know about today.. it is in Pulaski I think.. or mInor Hill... let me know if you are interested...I cant go on the 15th.. wish I could.. but Please keep in touch.. here is my email so that you can email me directly if you want too... tncharm1@bellsouth.net
It is listed as the ride, under events, last week in March.

Milky Way Farm March 31st, April 21st & April 28th at 1.00 PM


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