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Anyone know of any trail rides? If so please let me know...

Hey everyone, if any of you know of any trail rides coming up could you please let me know? If you know its gonna be a rough ride please let me know that too..Thanks so much in advance...

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I live near Many Cedars.. Summertown actually.. so if ya know of any rides that are not WAY far off, please let me know... I love this site... it is so helpful...
Please be sure to check the EVENTS posted on this site, there are 9 rides posted from now to the end of March and one Fox Hunt.

Hope that helps.

Are you just wanting day rides? We ride weekly and love to have others join us. As far as organized, PWAT will be having a ride at Williamsport Lakes in Maury Co the 2nd Sat of March. Check out their website: PWAT for the schedule and directions. A group of us from Columbia are going to Big Creek in Missouri in April for a week-long organized ride. It is one of the best!!! Their website is : bigcreektrailrides.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski
Linda this is Gale.. what time does the ride start at Williamsport lake and is it a rough ride? here is my email tncharm1@bellsouth.net
Gale there's several things going on at Circle E Guest Ranch in March and April, they have trails that range from wide easier riding to some challenge trails.
I've never been to Circle E.. dont now where it is or anything.. do they have a website? I would like to hook up with someone there.. I have t ride by myself and it just isnt safe anymore..
www.circleeguestranch.com Open all year, also if you want a guide ask them and they will get one for you if you don't want to ride alone.
Hey Gale, Why Not ranch is close to you. It is off of Hwy 50 between Centerville and Columbia. They do have a website. You can buy Trailrider magazine at Tractor Supply, it a bimonthly publication specifically for trail riders. This month it has a vacation planning guide in it. It also has all kinds of ads for places to ride, many here in Tennessee, but also all across the US. Great magazine!!
Hey Gale - There is a PWHAT (Pleasure Walking Horses of America Club) trail ride at Percy Warner on March 15th, from 10:00 - 1:00-that is a nice, easy, smooth ride. You are welcome to join us - I am coming from the Shelbyville area and will be following a friend from Chapel Hill.

I am always looking for someone to trail ride with, and, like you, I do not like the "rough rides."

The PWHAT ride has been moved from Percy Warner to Duck River in Culleoka due to a scheduled event going on at Percy Warner.
Hello, thanks for letting me know about the trail ride moving. Where is the ride located in Culleoka/where is Culleoka?


The Waylon Seagraves ride is the last weekend in march it is a very good ride


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