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A few friends and myself will be camping at Many Ceders Campground this coming weekend! We are so excited but we've never been there before. Is anyone going to be riding down there this weekend? Are the trails easy enough to find or would it be better if we have somebody that knows the area for our first rides? Thanks for your help gang!!! Cheryl Boren

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A word of caution, depending on how you come in, Hohenwald and surrounding areas is hosting October Fest. Especially out highway 20 between Hohenwald and Summertown. Getting through there will be a nightmare with a truck and trailer. Miles and miles of yard sales and traffic even on the Trace.
But you could find some real bargains :)
The trails are easy to follow, they have been working on them all summer. Re-routing the washed out areas and bush hogging the grown up ones. It is a great place to ride and camp. The campground is the best around.
We will all be there on the 17th for the Davy Crockett Ride for Down Syndrome Awareness ride.
Thanks Vanessa!, I got my driving directions off the internet, and I don't see anything on here about Hwy 20, there's Natchez Trace Pwy. and Rack Clayton RD. But I know sometimes the internet names of roads are not what local folks call them. I'm so glad to hear the trails are easy to follow. I hope we can meet up with you sometime and ride! Thanks Again, Cheryl Boren
hey Cheryl, Don't make the same mistake my group did...take a map, and don't take the Outer Loop unless you start out in the morning! We messed up one weekend and took the Outer Loop trail at 3pm...turned into a night ride! Later it was funny but at the time...man we were tired and hurting! We had ridden other shorter trails several times before and were getting a little bored. We decided to try the Outer Loop, but failed to check the map before we went. Big mistake! There were other trails that branched off but they only made loops and came back to the main trail, there were no shortcuts back to camp. So we had to ride 20 something miles to get back to camp. Have fun, ride safe, and check that map! lol I have to work that weekend or I would join you.
Thanks Adrienne!, We've been on those endless rides too!!!!! You better believe we'll have a map!!! Hope we can ride with you soon! Cheryl
My bunch is going up Fri. & staying till Sunday this weekend. We have 27 thru 31 campsights, I believe. Unless the rain scares some off there should be 10 or 12 of us. We have been there several times and this will be our 3rd year during the yard sales. Some of the wives go yard saling while the horsey people ride.
Hope the rain holds off, goes around, or disappears!
Which sites have you reserved?
Hey Kari!, We have sites 42 & 44, I can't wait to meet y'all....we'll be lookin' for you! Thanks Cheryl
Well, due to the crappy forecast for Fri & Sat the 9th & 10th, we have decided to reschedule for 2weeks out. It will be the 23rd-25th. If you go I hope it doesn't rain like it says it's going to.
Hey Kari!, Well we just got in from Many Ceders and girl we had a blast! Thurs. was perfect, we rode out at 8:00 Fri. morn got in at noon another perfect ride the rains came in around 1:00, MOVIE TIME!!!, Sat. morn was cool and overcast but we rode most of the day! Sun. morn was beautiful but we fixed some breakfast packed it up and came on in! I'm attaching a song for you...it's a hoot!!! We'll catch y'all the next time! Have fun 23rd-25th! Wish we could come back. Later, Cheryl
Hey Cheryl,
I just saw your post. My Husband and I along with some friends were at Many Cedars this past weekend...perhaps we saw you there....that was our first time there as well. We reallt enjoyed the trails!
Hey Dawn!, I'll bet you did we were camped across from that machinery shed and had the Women On The Edge logo on the side of the trailer...we had a blast too! Cheryl


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