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Any Cowgirls attended the All Cowgirl Weekend before? How was it and what are the trails like at D Bark Horsecamp. Looks like it might be a fun girls horsey weekend.

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Hi Catherine,
I attended last year with two of my friends and we had a great time! I believe there were 41 women in total at the ride. We rode out in two groups, one fast one slow. The trails are actually in Mammoth Cave National Park and all the trails we rode were easy but not boring. There are some hills but they are not treacherous, although they can be a bit rocky. The campsites are not shaded, but they are all pull-through and fairly level. Debbie and Ernest were very friendly and did all they could to make the weekend a great success. I am going back this year and my group has grown from 3 to 7!

Maybe I'll see you there!
Thanks Jacci, I hope to get a group and join you. How are the facilities as far as showers and restrooms?
Like Katy said, there are two restrooms each with a single shower, sink and commode. It's nice for privacy but can cause a long wait if there are many people without facilities in their trailers. Last year Debbie & Ernest did the cooking, this year they are having it catered. We were at the 2008 Thanksgiving ride which was catered by the same group she will be using cowgirl weekend. The food was good and there was plenty of it.


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