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I bought a Spotted Saddle Horse at the Alexandria Auction on 11/01/2003 and later I realized that I don't have the right registration application given to me at the auction for my horse. I know it's been years and I thought it didn't matter because I love my horse with or without the right papers. I believe I have someone elses papers for their horse and I'd love to get the right papers to the right owner and if the right owner has my papers for my horse I'd love to swap. It's like having an adopted child who wants to know who the parents are, you want to know why they have that spot or this spot and where did that amazing gait come from, kinda thing. I'd tried to contact the original owners who brought my horse to the auction, but they were unwilling or unable to help me and told me to stop calling, that they'd told me last time that they didn't know anything about my horse. I told them I'd never called before and they said, aren't you the girl who keeps calling. I said, no that I had never called before, so apparently somebody else had be calling them trying to do what I'm doing, but they couldn't tell me who she was that was calling before. So, if anyone out there has been trying to match their horse to a set of papers, I may have them and I'm hoping you have mine. I leave this as I leave everything, in God's hands, since this is a needle in a haystack, but He's done bigger things than this. If you think you have a match please email me at mdr1291 at aol dot com.

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