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Is anyone planning on trying out these ACTHA events, i have seen a little about them on RFDTV, they look like fun, i am really not bothered about the competitiveness of it more just doing something a little different, i am not an over confident rider and would hope there is something for those of us who need to take things at a little gentler pace- i would be interested in peoples thoughts

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Hey Belinda,
There is a yahoo group for ACTHA, sounds like the focus is on fun with some obstacles that are judged, rides around 6 to 7 miles, start after breakfast and done in time for a leisurely meal. Proceeds benefit horse rescue -they are donating to HSUS which is a drawback to some folks but the founder claims they have a contract with HSUS that thei donations go directly to rescue organizations. All in all sounds like a relaxing fun time.
Hi Johanna, thanks for your reply, finally someone who wants to take part at a slower pace, i too am not really interested in the competetiveness, i am more interested in exposure for my horse and staying in the saddle !!! and enjoying the event at a gentler pace, i am a somewhat nervouse rider after a bad wreck 2 yrs ago but getting better, so let me know if you want to give one of them a try, there is one at the end of the month south of us, let me know- Belinda
Hey Belinda! We would love to go riding with you and your big guy, whenever you think he is ready for the trail. I have been to Laurel Hill WMA and really liked it there. It isn't far from Many Cedars so that is also a possibility. Or anywhere you would like to go. I have to work this coming weekend, and I have to go to Louisiana probably the weekend after that, but I do have days off during the week, too, if you could go then. Let me know...
ok, great just let me know, i am off every Friday, whenever your ready, if it stops raining !!!


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