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We rode with a new group Saturday at Natchez Trace. The ride started out good, but halfway into it, a rider was on his mule and was kicked in the chest by another horse. He was unresponsive and stopped breathing, luckily only for a minute. He was airlifted as it was about a two hour ordeal. Everyone say a prayer and hope he heals up fast. Be careful now that the weather is getting nice again. Just goes to show you, anything can happen. The horse that kicked out is a great trail horse. Never kicked, and I have been on several rides with the mare. Just one of those freak things.

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I , too, regret to hear of this injury. give my best to Jim and hope for a speedy recovery. Roberta that is a good plan for passing.
Whenever I am passing I call that I am "coming up" on the right or left. and when the horse hears me and it s not that much of a surprise as we move up.

Happy Valentines Day to all of our Ladies out there....hope you have a nice one.
that is how I do my mare.. She has only kicked on one trail ride.. but she kicked the same man and horse 2 times... He was riding my horse so close that he actually had her back feet with flecks of blood on them.. I asked him the whole ride to stay back that if another horse touches her she will kick... but ONLY if they touch her.. I also watch out for her as I do other riders horses.. I know her signs when she is getting ill.. the flattened ears, the head looks that she gives the horse in question.. all these sign I watch for in my horse as well as others... But I do RED FLAG my horse so that everyone will know... I had her flagged this ride too.. and this guy just wouldnt back.. he said well if she kicks she kicks.. I mean how stupid !!! So finally I just stopped trying to stop her and let nature take its course... she kicked the horse the first time.. he said.. oh well, next time he wont get so close to her.. *like he didnt control it*, the next time she got him and his horse.. so he started cussing me and calling my horse nasty names.. so I stopped dead still and told him in no uncertain words that it was HIS FAULT, that he had been verbally, physically and had proof on her tail... there are such things as stupid careless riders... that man was one of them.. he didnt care how many times his horse got kicked.. just him... Like I said, I watch out for my horse and everyone elses too.. just common decency.. I hope the man is ok.. I will keep him in my thoughts....and I hope that I dont offend anyone by my comments, but there are just some people that dont care if their horses are hurt or not.. heck most of the ones drinking dont care about anything ....
Beware of the MARES! Or any other horse that kicks. They will break bones if they kick the riders. You can't trust any horse on any particular day, you have to respect any horse that you might ride too close to also.
Roberta you brought something to my attention.. I do the exact thing that you describe and never realize what I could potentially be doing.. I pull off the exact way you said was the wrong way to do... from now on I will park my horse FACING the oncoming rider...hahaha but sometime they come flying up so fast you dont have time to move over.. it is like the wind coming by ya...
How is this person? Does anyone know?
I heard about this! I hope that he gets better soon...

And now I feel even more justified telling newbies to keep away from other horses' rears!
Deb says Jim is doing much better. He is still really painful, but will heal up. He opted not to have the surgery to repair his sternum. I hope it heals well on its own.
We are sorry to hear about the accident. It is amazing just how comfortable we can all get while riding, and lose sight of the accidents that can happen in split seconds. I always try to advise anyone who is riding one of my horses to keep distance between the rider they are following for their safety and the horses.
We pray for his speedy recovery, and for eveyone to have wonderful safe rides.
My thoughts and prayers go out to this fellow, his family, and riding friends. It's always scary when something like this happens. Here's to hoping that he has a full recovery and that we all have future safe trail rides.
Has any one heard an update on this man?
Deb says Jim is doing better. I think he fractured his shoulder as well. Hopefully they will be joining us on the ride soon at LBL.
I always use a set of romal reins when riding in groups, they have come in handy MANY times when on trail and riding in a group. My horse knows when I twirl the romal end that its only to keep other horses / mules away. It works real well as a deterent to them getting to close.
I sure wish the best for this man to recover.


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