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I was looking at horse trail directory to plan my trip in the spring and saw at least 5 campgrounds in the Big South Fork Area that received a 5 star rating!!! I am confused that True West Campground website states they are the only one. I went to all the campground websites that had five star and I even read the press release on Horse Trail Directory. Can anyone give me some information on some of these 5 star campgrounds and which they would reccomend? I am a little nervous about choosing as this wil be my first time camping with my horses and I would really likie to go to a better one and True West is not the onbly one according to Horse Trail Directory.

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I am a regular at BSF and have been going for years. Each campground has its on particular pros and cons. For trail access Bandy Creek, Truewest and Saddle Valley can't be beat. Bandy Creek is a great area but your horse stalls are away from camping and you have to drive over to feed. But it is a central hub for trails. Truewest has GREAT barn/stalls and location but no mature shade trees at most camp sites. You really can't go wrong, each will be just a little different experience, you can try different ones. We usually go to TrueWest or SaddleValley, but that is just a personal preference. Don't be nervous the people there are wonderful and will be willing to help you with directions, advice etc. My profile pic was made at BSF. Have an awesome time!
Blessings, Linda
Timber Ridge is a great place, Lee and Dee will help you any way they can...they even clean out your trailer after you have unloaded your horses. We went there last fall and loved it! They have a large screen tv and satellite to watch if the weather turns bad, full kitchen with coffee to use if you do't have a live in trailer, and very nice, clean bathrooms. They have trails to BSF right from camp, and your horses are very close to you in the barn...not across the road. There are hitching posts all around the camp, you can bring your horse to your campsite to tack up (not allowed at True West!). The weekend we went there was some football game that was going to be on, and there were several men who were bummed out to miss it. Lee offered to bring his personal TiVo from his own home to set up and record the football game so those men could ride and still see the game!!! What better service could you ask for? Please check this place out...you won't regret it. There are other places in the area I haven't had a chance to go to...but after staying with Lee and Dee at Timber Ridge, I don't know that I will bother. Have fun and ride safe!
We stay at Timberridge all the time and really like it. They have several nice trails out of the campground. Some in the park and some not. They also have a trailer that allows you to go to other trial heads in the park. Other campgrounds offer that as well but usually charge extra for that. Client service at Timberridge is top notch and in my opinion is better than any other campground that I have stayed at in the area.

We have also stayed at Truewest which is very nice facility but there are no trees and you you can't tack up your horses at your campsite. When you talk to people about this campground, they either really like it or really don't.

I have never stayed as SaddleValley but have heard the owners are really nice and helpful. I have ridden by this campground and it appears to be very nice and well kept. It is very close to the Truewest location as well.

Bandy Creek has lots of nice trails, seems centrally located to alot of trails and is well kept but you will have to drive over to care for your horses in their stalls. You can't see them from your campsites which bothers me a bit. But there are alot of people who would save this is their favorite place to go trail wise.

We have friends that stay at Zenith Campground alot and really like it. The owners do a really nice job with it and it always seems to have a steady stream of campers as well. You do have to ride down a gravel road to hit some of the trails.


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