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We were at Honey Creek Horse Camp at Big South Fork over the Memorial Day holiday.  Our neighbors in camp had ridden to one of the beautiful overlooks, tied their horses to the provided high lines and walked to the overlook site.  Some boys on 4 wheelers came by spooking the horses.  One mare broke loose and fell to her death over the overlook site.  Other campers also had run-ins with these same boys that day.  Apparently, they had asked the boys to stop and turn off their engines.  The boys got mouthy. . some complied and some did not.  They were far from respectful and of course, 4 wheelers are not allowed on the trails at Big South Fork.  The only time I have personally run across people riding 4 wheelers at Big South Fork has been along the O & W Railroad bed.  They were always very respectful, pulling over and shutting off their engines as soon as they saw we were on horses.  As far as I know, these boys were never identified and I wonder if they even know what outcome their actions caused.

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I heard about this too. My sympathy goes out to the owners of the horse. We were also at BSF over the Memorial Day holiday and we did encounter some 4 wheelers but they pulled over, turned them off and did not start them again until we were a good distance down the trail. I hope those boys suffer some type of consequences.
That is horrible. Personally I don't think 4 wheelers should be allowed on horse trails.
I am so sorry for the owner of that Mare...my heart goes out to them..its a terrible that someone would not have respect for another person, let alone see the fear in an animals eyes and not stop what they were doing to make the animal feel more calm. What goes around will come around for those boys, and that could not come soon enough....I have no torlerance for this kind of behavior..
My sympathy to the owner of that mare! That is horrible! I wouldn't want to be those boys when what goes around comes back around....

Why can't people just have a little respect and decency toward others..?! Respect and decency covers a lot of territory... from something this horrible to tossing your trash on the ground instead of packing it back out...
I was out there too Donna, that was tragic... And they wonder why BSF is trying to get the 4 wheelers out of there completely... duhhh how about actions like this one.
The boys were not from the area, they were actually visiting and staying in a cabin rental.
So the boys were identified? I would have expected the park rangers to confiscat their 4 wheelers, at the very least, if they knew who they were. I still wonder if the boys know what happened to the mare.


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