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Ride 4 days, camp 3 nights in the 125,000 acre area known as
Ride with us through the forests and river valleys of the Cumberland Plateau. Bring your horse to ride, and your gear to load in our trailer, and it will be at camp when you get there after 6-8 hours of riding each day. Cover 4 counties, in 2 states, and about 80 miles of trail. Ride to a different camp each night, all your gear will be hauled, while you ride. Enjoy hours of riding through majestic hardwood forests, and along the Big South Fork River, ride into camp to find a hearty meal on the fire, and your favorite beverage in your cooler. Sit back and relax, while you hear tales of the area, and the history.
Lunch on the trail all 4 days, 3 hot dinners and 3 hot breakfast at camp, and hay for your horse provided.

This trip is designed to let you ride and enjoy the area, without having to do the work involved in packing and camping for 4 days. Let us do the work, and the cooking. Trail lunches are not much to brag on, sandwiches and chips, cold drink and snack cakes, but a hot supper when you ride into camp can’t be beat. Friday night will be New York Strip steak, baked potatoes, and whatever else Teresa comes up with, I know there will be a cobbler in the Dutch Oven! Saturday night we’ll be at Bear Creek Horses camp, and will chow down on Ed’s pulled pork barbecue. Sunday night will find us down along the river at Station Camp crossing, where we’ll have a HUGE pot of home made chili to fill your belly, and warm your insides for sleeping. Each morning wake to the smell of fresh camp coffee, bacon or sausage, and eggs

The ride leaves Saddle Valley early Friday morning, and rides through the park, along the Big South Fork, up out of the gorge at Big Island, to camp along Laurel Ridge Trail in Kentucky the first night. This is about a 22 mile ride the first day, and we will not “dally around”, it takes all day to make the first campsite, but it will be worth it! The pictures on the overnight trail ride page is our campsite the first night. Saturday after breakfast, we ride north along Laurel Ridge across Stepping Rock to Dick Gap overlook, and back down into the gorge at Blue Heron where we will stop for lunch, and explore the mining operations of days gone by. From Blue Heron, we’ll ride south along the river for a while, and then head up to Bear Creek horse camp. The hot showers and indoor plumbing will be a taste of the civilization we left behind 2 days ago. Sunday takes us south along the river to Station Camp Crossing, where we’ll spend our last night. It’s kind of chilly by the river at night, so be sure to pack your warm PJs. Monday, we’ll cross the river, head up “the horse ladder” and along Fork Ridge to Black House Branch, where we’ll turn and head for Bandy Creek for lunch, and then back to Saddle Valley.

At camp each night, we’ll be treated to visitors who will sit and tell us stories from the past about the area, the people, and the country that is The Big South Fork. Park Rangers, Long Hunters, gun smiths and Native Americans will be on our guest list, a lesson in history you will not want to miss.

Saddle Valley Campground
Jamestown Tn
$300.00 per rider

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We have 10 spot left for this ride, don't miss the chance to ride some remote parts of Big South Fork River Gorge. We have 24 riders right now including guide and drag rider. Plan on throwing your gear in the truck, and come along, let us do the work and you just ride!
Would be ecstatic to join you guys if you know of anyone that might have an extra mount! :) course I would be a total greenhorn to trail riding but I am always game for new experiences, have ridden off and on all my life but it has been a little while, but whats a little stiffness, right?!!! LOL LOL Happy Trails, hope you guys have fun and seriously keep me in mind if there is an extra available!!!!!!!
It's almost here! I hope everyone is excited as I am.
Get your gear ready. Remeber, we will be limited to how much gear we can bring, we want everyone to be comfortable, but we will be on a horseback camping trip. We will be able to get extra supplies as this ride goes on. We will have plenty to eat and drink, no Starbucks or Pierra..?? what ever, we got black coffee, cold water, and softdrinks, bring your own adult beverages and a cooler, but remember there is going to be a lot of stuff, please don't bring 6 cases of beer, and 4 coolers, respect others, you are not supposed to ride and drink, save that for sitting around the fire.
Bring grain for you horse, if you have a canvas nose bag, you may want to bring it, we will have 2 gallon buckets that will be used for water, and for feeding also, I will suggest allowing horses to drink, then eat, then drink again, using the same bucket. We will provide hay each day.

Bring rain gear! We will ride! ONLY VERY SEVERE WEATHER WILL STOP US!!!!!

Get you horses shod this week, do not find loose shoes Thursday when you are loading up! I suggest you bring at least one EasyBoot, or some other type of foot protection in case you loose a shoe on the trail, we will do every thing we can to get a farrier to camp, and we will have one on call, but please cheack your shoes, DO NOT BRING BAREFOOT HORSES ON THIS RIDE!!!

Be patient when you arrive on Thursday, we have a large group of campers that will already be here, and we will be very tight getting everyone in and settled for the night. Please be here in time for a small meeting on Thursday night around 7:00 pm. You will need to make final payment, and sign liability waivers, and be sure we have an emergency contact (someone to claim the body).

You are all adults, and you all own your on horse. This will be a great ride! Enjoy the experience. This will probably be different than other rides you have been on, we will ride through some beautiful country, we will be tired and sore, someone will have trouble with thier horse, some riders will want to go faster than others, We all agreed to ride together, so remember, there are 30 other riders that have to be taken into account, no whining, and crying, if you have a serious problem, we will address the problem, by the same token, IF we do have a problem, please try to help, please do not just think about hpw you may be inconvienced, the trouble could be with you, or you horse next time.

Ilook forward to a great ride, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me, or call Teresa
I would love to join you, it sounds awesome, but I will be in California having knee surgery, otherwise I'd be there.

I hope you have a safe trip!!

Cheered and happy trails,
sounds like a wonderful trip, I'll plan on joining you next time if I posibly can manage to.


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