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Want to see what Big South Fork really is? Join us for our 4 day fall ride through the heart of the best kept secret in the southeast. You may have heard about BSF, you may think you know BSF, you may think you have ridden BSF, but I promise this ride will take you places you have not been before, unless you have been on this ride, and then I still might surprise you every now and then. Ride 4 days, camp 3 nights, bring your gear, load it into our trailer, and it will be at camp when we ride in. Cover 2 states, 4 counties, cross the eastern/central time zone twice, cross the Big South Fork River twice, see spectacular overlooks, huge rock houses, cross countless streams and creeks, in and out of the river gorge several times, but never cover the same trail, see Big Island, No Business Creek, Burk's cabin, sleep on the bank of the river at Station Camp crossing, climb the horse ladder and ride along the base of a hundred foot cliff as we head toward Bandy Creek on our way back, more memories than can be counted, that will last a lifetime.


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Where are the "LONG RIDERS"? I thought there was a group of riders that wanted some long rides, I guess those are arm chair riders

I would love to go but I have to work :( I can do Sat and Sun some time. I have been trying to find people who want to ride more than 3 or 4 hours and no luck. I need to get my horse in better shape for a longer ride anyhow. I really wish I didn't have to work so much. TTYL

Let me know if you want to ride on a weekend.

do you ride Big South Fork

When is this ride?  How many hours per day in the saddle at what speed?  More info please.

Is this ride still going to be held since the BSF is closed due to the govt shut down?


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