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I will be at the Williamson Co. Ag. Expo for the "Road to the Horse" in March. Stop by my vendor tent and say Howdy. Sheila's Giddy Up, for coffee and chat.

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Tell me more about this event. I have not heard about this. I do not have cable or an antena so if it is on those outlets I don't know about it.
Hello Diana,
No, it has been on RFD tv and in Horse related mag's. I will be there for 6 days but the event is for March 14th and 15th with shopping on the 13th. Tickets are sold out now, but they go super fast anyway. Within a month most tickets are gone. Franklin being a fairly horsey area there are usually some kind of related activities most of the time. But, unless you subscribe to a horse mag. it is unlikely you will know about them. Where are you located? I live in a teeny tiny area called Saint Joseph, TN.
I live in Pulaski, and work at our local Co-op Store. I usually hear about the horse events.
Next time in Pulaski I'll stop in to meet you. Stay warm!
Come on down we can have a chat.
Last year you could by tickets from people standing outside that need to get rid of tickets
I will be a vendor there too, I have the booth FROM EARTH TO ART -HORSE HAIR POTTERY. I will stop for that coffee and a chat. There is another great show that will be new this May at Miller called Quarterfest. It will become an annual event that AQHA will be producing. It has many great sponsors and I know that they still have booth space available (at a reasonable price). If you are interested, call AQHA marketing dept. and ask for Cori. She will be more than happy to help you. Anna
Hello Anna,
Wonderful!! I will be arriving on Tues. as Ronda has asked us to come early. Will you be there then?
Look forward to meeting you.
Sorry posting so late to this, but just now found it. I will be at Road to the horse, my fouth time there. I will definetely be stopping by your booth to say hello and see your work. I am so glad you are going to be there.
I bought horse hair pottery from Anna last year and look forward to seeing her again this year as well.
We will also have a booth#53 at "Road to the Horse" we will try to stop by and see you and hope you can get a chance to do the same.
If nobody has not been to the show it's sure something to go see, it's GREAT!! Last year there was people selling tickets at the door if you don't have any tickets, that might be a chance.
We would like to Invite all TTR members by our booth#53 at "Road to the Horse" If you haven't been to our place we will have pictures and can answer any questions you might have. We also be giving away something special to each memeber that comes by and mentions to us that they are a member of TTR. (One gift per family)
Do you know how much tickets are? I would love to come. I like unique items, by the way I really like Native American style things.


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