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I think I'm at the point of giving up riding. My 24 year old horse has problems now. I do have two younger wonderful horses but they don't have his experience and I just don't feel at ease on them yet. When I try to ride them the only thing on my mind is them spooking or running away with me. I am completely fixated on hitting the ground. I just don't understand, I have rode all my life. I've always rode bareback around home to keep up my balance. The strange thing is, if a person has a gentle horse, I will ride theirs and not be as afraid. I'm 43 and have had one bad accident and it was all my fault. (I could have prevented it.) What's going on with me?

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Hi Renee, I see there's a PWHAT ride at Williamsport Lake next Saturday the 27th, I'd like to make that one weather permitting. You don't have to be a member to ride with PWHAT but are welcome to join any time.
This Saturday I HAVE to do some projects around here. Also taking my donkey to Mule Day parade, but if you're nervous about riding, a parade would not be good, as the animals can get pretty excited. Do you ever go to Fountain Creek on Hwy 50, maybe we could meet there some time.
The last time I got bucked off was from my draft horse when I put saddle bags on him and when he started trotting, the bags were bouncing on his kidney area and he threw a tantrum. He did outgrow that phase and he outgrew me, to 18 hands and I traded him for some equipment to a guy in Ethridge. I had Goliath for about 4 years, but he just didn't fit my program, whooped on the other horses, and needed a new zip code.
Gotta go to work, will talk to you later -- NG
I went through this a few years ago. Don't force yourself to ride. It will only create anxiety. What I did (and I trained all of my horses myself) was to do the same thing I did when I trained them. I just got on them and sat. I made sure I did this daily. Nothing more. Nothing less. At some point, I realised that I wanted (yes wanted) to do more without fear. Your mind can say whatever it wants to about how silly you are being, but your heart isn't going to listen. One day, I could ride again & it was really nice. I don't know if it was hormonal or just a hair up my butt, but it was miserable and even worse when I made myself go on rides because I knew that logically my reaction made no sense.


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