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Anyone want to ride at LBL when it re-opens? I am ready to get out and camp and ride. Hopefully the weather will get better soon. Time changes in a couple weeks, so longer days are almost here!

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cant wait till it re opens
when does it re open? and is there a website that you can visit? can anyone email me the addy to LBL?
Just google wrangler camp lbl, there is lots of stuff that comes up. I rode there about 3 years ago and it was nice, great place to ride and camp.
I heard it is supposed to open in April, due to the ice storm??
Just let me know---I'm getting cabin fever and a good ride at LBL sounds like the answer.
I just got an update today from the Park Ranger that is overseeing the trail clearing in the park. He said that they have made huge progress and listed the trails that had already been cleared which sounded like over 1/2 the system to me. Although the entire system is still closed he thinks that "very soon" most all of the trails will be ready to re-open. Based on my conversations with the park officials I would estimate that the entire trail system should be ready to re-open by mid March at the latest.
Oh keep us updated! We have April 17-19 free. Would that work for everyone?
Tresa and I can make it that weekend
Thanks so much for sharing this info! I haven't ridden there, but I wanted to, and I was disappointed when I heard they had closed the trails. I didn't think it would be anytime soon before they reopened! Thanks again for keeping us posted.
Or the first weekend in May? Anyone have any times they can't do?
where is LBL located


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